Pink Opal Mandala Crystal Candle

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Balance + Love + Healing

*Important note: the latest batch of Pink Opal Mandala Crystal Candles feature rose petals that are darker as seen in the first photo.

This limited edition Mandala Crystal Candle is scented with an enchanting blend of Peach flower + linen. Beautifully adorned with a pink opal crystal + pink rose petals. The candle comes encased in a sleek + minimal tin container with a resealable lid.


Luxury scented soy candle hand poured in Mapua, New Zealand.

Size: 8oz

All Opal +Sage candles are hand made from start to finish, once the candles are poured and decorated by them, they then package and label all candles by hand. 

Their candles are vegan, not tested on animals and Phthalate free. 

Opal + Sage uses 100% plant based soy wax, that is GMO free and contains no paraffin, no unnatural additives and is also kosher.

The fragrance oils are highly purified and guaranteed to be Phthalate free. Their fragrance oils are a mixture of natural oils and synthetic compounds in a soy-derived base oil. 

The important thing to know about their fragrances is that none contain Phthalates, which are a known carcinogen. And that all of the ingredients in their fragrances, including essential base oils and naturally derived ingredients, are distilled and/or purified to ensure the highest quality and performance.

The wicks are all natural and are Zinc and Lead free.

When you first light your candle, ensure you are burning the candle long enough. Keep your candle lit until an even pool of wax has formed on top of the wax.

This is called creating a burn memory, it is essential to keep your candle burning nice and evenly.

Make sure the wick is trimmed before burning again. 

Opal + Sage is a New Zealand based company, offering a range of crystal related products for home and wellness.