Golden Jojoba Oil

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Our Golden Jojoba Oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is actually a liquid wax rather than an oil, and it closely resembles the sebum of the skin. It provides the skin with long-lasting moisture and hydration as well as preventing moisture loss. It’s rich in nutrients such as Vitamin E and B, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that work together to fight the signs of premature aging such as fine lines, sun spots, and wrinkles, improving overall complexion. This easily absorbed oil is excellent for reducing excessive oil production and is well suited for all skin types, but particularly those sensitive, oily, or combination skin.

Jojoba Oil also boasts the ability to reduce oily skin and it is believed that with consistent use, Jojoba Oil can almost ‘trick’ the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil (sebum), therefore reducing excessive oil production. This, in turn, can also be effective in controlling acne breakouts.

Comes in a 100ml glass bottle with dropper.
For external use only.
Store in a cool dark place away from sunlight.
At cool temperatures it may go cloudy (due to the wax), however, gentle warming will return it to its clear state.

After cleansing, place a few drops on the fingertips and gently press onto the face, neck + décolletage apply while the skin is slightly moist.
This oil is incredibly versatile and can also be used as a daily cleanser, moisturizer, carrier oil, hair conditioner, make-up remover, massage, and bath oil.
Use it together with Green and Bare’s customizable, multi-purpose skincare range.

Green + Bare is an Australian skincare brand founded by supermum, Janelle.

The brand offers intentionally created, targeted products with minimal ingredients that don’t skimp on the good stuff. That means they’ve stripped away all the fillers and unnecessary crap, like artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives, silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, and petrolatum.

All you’ll find with Green + Bare are raw, highly concentrated ingredients – not just watered down stuff in super small percentages. And everything’s mix and match so you can DIY and customize the products for your skin’s needs – without a 17-step routine or 56 different products cluttering up your bathroom counter.

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