Welcome to Our (fey)House

Welcome to Our (fey)House

Hello and welcome to feyhouse co.

feyhouse co. is the collective effort of two sisters, together with the help of our family (whether their help was provided willingly or otherwise is for another day). When were literally grounded (hello, 'circuit breaker') due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were inspired to bring a little bit of magic from our favourite places around the world to the little red dot we call home.

We then began to source for beauty + wellness products that resonated with us, as a new mum barely getting the hang of it and a fitness professional with sensitive skin. We started with two of our favourite countries: New Zealand + Australia, where we used to live. We made the conscious decision to partner with small businesses that share the same passion as we do about sustainability and ethics. More importantly, we wanted to stock products that are natural and made with high quality ingredients. And because the online beauty space in Singapore is a little crowded, we also sought products that celebrate the uniqueness of their home countries, and ones you can't find in Singapore... until now.

Our goal is to put together an intentional curation of products that lend a magic, mindful touch to everyday routines. Beauty + wellness products that elevate your self-care ritual and gift you that special moment to just… breathe and be.

Our promise to you is this: if we won't use it, we won't stock it. Every product you find on our platform has been tried, tested + loved by us.

We hope you love the products as much as we do and if there are any brands you’d love to see in Singapore, let us know. 

From our family to yours x

Farah + Shaqinah

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